What to Choose: IT Staff Augmentation vs Managed IT Services

IT Staff Augmentation Services

  • Cost-adequacy. Why pay for all-day compensation when you don’t need extra workers indefinitely? With IT staff Augmentation you will be supported by highly qualified specialists at precisely the time when your company requires them.
  • Adaptivity. You may easily get missing capabilities and expand your IT Team size as needed depending on the work scope.

Managed IT Services

  • Cost model has been improved. The result is evaluated by overseen IT administrations merchants. This means that if a client’s interest in specific administrations decreases or increases, the cost will alter accordingly.
  • The result is guaranteed. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) supports the operational efficiency, which documents the scope and the time limits of the service. Providers try to fulfil their commitments and are therefore encouraged to maximise their work’s value.




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