Virtual reality with React 360 — By Chapter247

Exploring React.JS, React Native and React 360

React 360 and Virtual Reality Experience

  • Cross-Platform Development: Web applications developed with React 360 are supported across widely used multiple devices and platforms allowing businesses to expand their reach to every corner of the world. These applications ca be run on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices while rendering extensive VR experience boosting overall business performance. Extensive 3D Media Support.
  • Extensive Media Support: React 360 comes with 180° mono video and stereo support catering to immersive media. Pre-designed transitions facilitate faster loading of applications and allow developers have increased control over the appearance of the applications.
  • Working in Pixels: 2D interfaces can be easily created and placed in 3D spaces with React VR. React 360 library includes Surfaces that help integration of UI panels to the applications and let developers create virtual environments in pixels instead of meters and other measuring units.
  • Enhanced Performance: Garbage collection can be drastically decreased and frame rate can be improved significantly with new React 360 tools thereby leading to enhanced application performance.

How To Create VR Experience With React 360

  • index.js forms the entry point for React applications
  • client.js is used to connect the application to a web browser
  • index.html consists the JavaScript code to provide app functionality with HTML
  • static_assets stores app resources such as images, panoramas, audio files, for extending the user experience

To Sum Up



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