Understanding ReactJS with your AngularJS Knowledge- AngualrJS vs ReactJS

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Web application development has captured the interest of businesses spread across several industries. In order to connect with a larger audience, businesses are leveraging on web development built on dynamic frameworks like React JS and Angular JS.

An increasing number of the angular developer community is now switching to react web development because of the several benefits offered by React.

Before reading further understand a few points

  • Despite both React and Angular being a part of Javascript, Angular is a framework and React is a library
  • If you want to learn React glossary it will be better for you to brush up your Angular glossary
  • You should not cater to problems in React following Angular style
  • Angular uses Typescript while React uses JSX

If you wish to understand React JS deeper, you first need to understand what AngularJS is.

AngularJS is an all-inclusive ecosystem that enables the angular developer to create dynamic web applications with a methodical approach. It was created by Google consists of an HTTP library which is helpful in managing forms, template route and the module system. Using the command line interface you can now create web applications without going through extra packages thanks to angular JS development. Many of the Agular developers start creating their apps with the help of command line interface tool in the Angular ecosystem.

React JS on the other hand is a JS library which allows you to create web components. Angular is inclusive but React JS interacts with other libraries to construct dynamic web applications. React JS is flexible and is a favorite choice for developers.

It integrates with dynamic HTTP libraries to manage forms a route system. The combination of libraries is completely dependent on the React Developer’s preferences. This is the reason why React Js is preferred by all old and budding developers.

Angular has a clear code structure wherein you get a template, JS file while React JS is synonymous with flexibility and adaptability. In the case of React web development you have the choice of using different files or a single JS file that already has templates and styles. Here the developers are the king of their project with total control because they can separate files like Angular or go ahead with a single JavaScript file that includes the template, style and behavior.

Let us understand a few benefits of React web development

1) React JS enables easier scripting of components. The challenging task of scripting with syntax errors and difficult debugging React JS allows you to use free extension JSX. JSX makes HTML quoting simpler for react developers because rendering becomes the subcomponent.

2) React Developers can build chunks of code called components. When these are build you can reuse the components instead of writing them from scratch. It not just saves time but also saves efforts to write the component several times.

3) React JS developers prefer it because it has Virtual DOM. Unlike other frameworks, the DOM here is lighter, has fewer layers and is easier to use. Usually when you develop an app which contains a lot of user interaction and data updates, you will have to craftily see how your data structure will affect your performance. A regular DOM is tree-structured where changes at the top level can have a ripple effect on other structures.

Solve this with React JS by using a virtual DOM.

4) React JS has a faster turnaround time. If your web application has a faster turnaround time users will recommend you to others. Users need speed because of the lifestyle they lead. React JS development is proficient in both client side and server side rendering which enhances performance and speed.

5) React Js supports Search engine optimisation. You are aware that SEO is pivotal to your business’ online visibility and getting maximum landings on your page. React JS allows you to create a SEO-oriented web application that helps you to feature atop the search engines.

6) React JS is easy to use and easier to learn: Developers can easily master the REACT Js due to the innumerable resources available on how to learn and unlearn the framework. There is also a flourishing community of React developers who will enrich your information and update the user with different plugins and addendums.

It will be interesting to understand the basics of React Web development thanks to the increasing preference of it. The benefits it offers will surely impact your business in the most organic way. It is considered the best in terms of web application development .

Both React JS and Angular JS are great options with respect to single page applications despite being different from each other. Whatever your perception is about these, you have to choose a framework based on your requirement of usability and functionality!



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