Telehealth for COVID 19: When technology comes to rescue

  • Patients with mild symptoms can get the best care from a medical specialist while isolation can take place at their homes without the need to visit.
  • With technology resolving all the complication, better coordination can be seen with the use of this application
  • Great measures preached for self-care during the crisis
  • Devices that transmit information liberally
  • Home monitoring devices especially for the senile population as they are risk-prone
  • Wearable devices to record important information and basics of parameters
  • Lessening of medication errors with a better patient record analysis. Even if there are anomalies it can be immediately traced and can be reported. Big data offers quick-fix measures as it helps in easy error detection.
  • Frequent flyers or those who visit the hospital more often can be easily identified with Big Data analytics. They can be intimated and warned not to visit the facility with the risk surrounding it.
  • Big Data also offers a predictive analysis that helps hospitals and clinics to understand what the future admissions rates are likely to be. This tool is extremely useful especially now when COVID-19 patients are likely to increase and the hospitals can fulfill their staffing needs in advance.



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