IT Staff Augmentation: Before and After Pandemic (Covid 19)

IT Staff Augmentation: Before and After Covid 19 Pandemic

Staff Augmentation before Covid 19

Statistics that show a rise in IT Staff Augmentation

Changed approach of IT Staff Augmentation in the time of Covid 19 Pandemic

1) They learned about their needs

2) Scanned Candidates

3) Onboarded new IT Staff

4) Maintained continuous relationships

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services Post-Covid Crisis

1) Reducing Employment Costs and Ambiguity

2) Contract Employment

3) Find people with specific skills for the required period

4) Hire contract developers from cheap destinations

5 ways IT Staff Augmentation can help you cope with post Covid-19 business challenges

1. Helps to Save money

2. Helps ensure business continuity

3. Easier to scale up or down

4. Support your in-house team



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