IT Project Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation in 2022

IT Project Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Pros of IT Staff Augmentation

  • Staff Augmentation strengthen staff management
  • It gives effective integration with internal processes
  • IT Staff Augmentation use existing resources
  • This model has high technical specialty
  • Scalable staffing needs

Cons of IT Staff Augmentation

  • Intensive training is possible
  • It has to be dependence on internal processes
  • It may cost high management fees to some companies
  • Resource-centric model

IT Project Outsourcing

Pros of IT Outsourcing

  • IT Project outsourcing Reduces training costs
  • It gives Scalability to project
  • It allows to the adoption of better practices
  • Economies of scale
  • It also Reducing management responsibility
  • Result-centric

Cons of IT outsourcing

  • It gives a Lack of control over a team
  • Internal resistance
  • Find the right outsourcer can be a little tough

IT Staff Augmentation vs IT Project Outsourcing VS Other services in 2022

Choosing the best model for you

  • The budget your business is willing to invest in IT services;
  • The project requirements and technical skills of the employee
  • Technical capabilities and the presence of its team;
  • Project schedule and speed of product launch;
  • A competitor’s position in the marketplace and many other respects.

Summing up



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