How AI-based chat-bots prove to be an effective tech tool in fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has taken over and tightened its grip on most of the world. Social distancing and precautions are the constant warnings issued to everyone. With technology always able to ease things in the process, a pandemic can result in the weakening of several links in the economy. Many nations have issued nation-wide lock-downs rendering and weakening economies posing challenges at every step not just for the administration but also for the people under lockdowns.

With AI-based technologies continuing to dominate the technology front, it will be essential to include chatbot technology as one of the chief drivers of quality measures. After the pandemic, several chatbots have been made for information sharing. Healthcare industry by collaborating with software development companies have already developed several online symptom checking tools that would screen patients. The use of chatbots powered by AI helps patients to stay where they are instead of rushing to hospitals and posing serious health risks afterward.

Why the role of ICT is important

Technology has indeed eased the manner in which this crisis can be handled, but it is also a startling revelation that technology is also used for spreading misinformation about the entire episode panicking people even more. There is a huge lack of awareness among people especially with respect to following precautions. The biggest challenge is exchanging information in these times and also to identify which is try and which is not. Other challenges are -

  1. Poor network connectivity: It is true that there are several countries that have not moved beyond the 2G network connection while there are others who have already embraced the 5G technology. The novel coronavirus is a new spread and even the biggest of medical practitioners are discovering new facts about the spread. To make people aware of these updates can be a challenge in a land where internet connectivity is poor.
  2. There is a huge lack of authentic information sources when it comes to the spread.
  3. A huge dearth of dedicated human resources to rest the apprehensions of people is still an ongoing battle.

The ICT community has started working on several projects in alliance with the local, state and national governments and brought about a barrage of chatbot technologies, telemedicine and big data for pooling in information and making diagnosis per user. ICT has indeed revealed its powerful tools. Some shining examples are

  • Robots used in the Hunan Province to measure body temperature and also a recording of all the relevant data.
  • 98point6 in Seattle has also begun offering virtual tours while the patient chats with the bot.
  • France also has brought about the Doctolib that helps people to get medical appointments in the form of teleconsultation.

Unquestionable effectiveness of Chatbots

There has been an onslaught of chatbots in action chiefly because they have several advantages to offer like

  1. Updating information on the bot is extremely convenient. The real-time numbers are ever-changing and it is important for the bots to update that information so that truthful information is transmitted.
  2. It is very important at this juncture that hospitals and health centers are not overcrowded. Even for the slightest of the flu people are flocking to the hospitals but with bots, and its interaction is saving the hospitals from huge inundation of people.
  3. Interacting with bots is absolutely stress-free and designing a custom chatbot is easy to build and get built.

How countries and organizations are using AI-based chatbots?

CDC’s chatbot

Witnessing the turmoil in the entire world, CDC has gone a step ahead and launched a bot that provides self-checking tools to see if your symptoms are to be taken seriously. It also provides information on community mitigations, precautions and also the plan of action based on the data set so generated about an individual user.

WHO health alert on Whatsapp

The primary organization WHO also has launched a messaging solution in multi-languages including French, Spanish and English to keep the awareness ticket moving with updated information, real-time cases reported and recovery rates.

Germany’s Fight Covid messenger bot

The German government also held a hackathon for people to generate solutions on COVID-19 issues. FightCovid messenger offers a seamless and flawless chat experience with numerous functionalities like the symptom checker.

Argentina’s National Health Ministry Bot

The national health ministry bot of Argentina has also shared many tips on self-isolation, school closures, and travel restrictions. It offers a great source of local news are people are not aware of what is happening owing to the lockdown.

Go Sky’s AI-based bot from Taiwan

Go Sky AI also built a messenger for Taiwanese local residents. It shares a useful load of information and statistics from WHO and other reputable sources plus features of pharmacy research.

India’s Bot experience

Whatsapp has also created a bot for the Government to create awareness about the pandemic. Social media platforms have been explored to the hilt for controlling the spread and ensuring misinformation is not spread.

Bangladesh’s messenger bot

Sajida foundation based in Bangladesh has proactively taken an all-round assessment of the situation. It has offered many tips for prevention and also how they can check their symptoms. To ensure that people do not panic, active psychologists also have been actioned to provide emotional counsellings.


It is important to understand that undue panic will only aggravate the situation. These bots add a lease of life because they help people rest their fears while they are indoors. Chatbot technology indeed has been a blessing which has helped in the toughest of the situation by replicating human intelligence to a great extent.