How a bad UI/UX can prove fatal for your mobile application

Rapid strides in technology are the order of the day. With the world evolving to heights, new changes, challenges, and demands will crop up time and again making it important and necessary for technological upgradation to accommodate the changes. If you want your mobile application to compete and beat the 4 million mobile apps already in installation then it is high time to give your app the right UI/UX.

Mobile application development has indeed become a large step in the overall scheme of things. 42% of the start-ups conduct their businesses through a mobile application and out of the rest of them, 30% of them are planning to have their mobile application soon.

Why is good UX essential?

UX or User experience is one of the most vital organs of a mobile application. The process of mobile application development should be at the cornerstone of the mobile application. If you want your customer to stick to the app, the experience has to be nothing short of stellar. Any compromise in terms of experience might end up bad for the organization as it will not just result in poor ratings but also a large number of uninstallations. With a good UX, the user should be able to navigate through the app exploring its features without any fuss or technical glitches. The first interaction has to be excellent because that will have a lasting impact on the user’s mind.

UX and UI: Are they the same?

Many people are of the habit to equate the two concepts, but doing that will be a mistake because, for the mobile application development process, both have their own importance. UI and UX are different because UI or the user interface is all about the icons that the users can see to establish communication between the user and the device. User Experience (UX) on the other hand aims at giving rich experiences to the user especially when they are using the application. UI has broader meanings consisting of visual, interactive and easy to read the content. User experience has to be given to them after a thorough understanding of the demands of the end-users.

Why does bad UX happen?

A bad UX means either one of the reasons given below:

  1. Poor design strategies of UX design is a huge reason because there has to be a reason and a thought process behind the mobile application. It is important that the designers undertake a complete user-centric design strategy after engaging in detailed research.
  2. Client feedback is also a very important step in ensuring that the client gets what they want When the client gives feedback, the designers are able to inculcate those changes in the mobile application development process. But, a balance has to be maintained between what the clients say and what has to be achieved. UX designers have to ensure that the common design principles are not sacrificed for the impractical suggestions so given.
  3. It is also very important to invest in a great UX app because it needs a lot of money aside from patience. The UX designers’ hold on the project has to be that of ownership where they can advise the client on not cutting back on costs.
  4. Getting design feedback from customers and users means that the mobile application development process has to undergo a lot of many changes. This is a process that has to be followed because if not, the UX can be sacrificed.

How does a poor UX design hamper your app?

The app does not consider user time

If your app thinks that the user will stick around despite longer loading times, then you are mistaken. In this age when the users hardly have the patience to wait and want everything done at a rapid pace, waiting for the app to load can be the biggest dampener.

The statistics are very important because when the page load time increases from 1 sec to 3 sec, the bounce rate might increase by 32%. If it delays by a further 90% and comes to the 6-second mark, the bounce rate crosses 100%!

Immature app designers

If the project is run by immature app designers then in order to show their skills, they may also try to include many features and crowd the app with several features it does not even need. The feature-loaded app becomes so complex for the customer to use that they are forced to leave the app. Managing the navigation process has to be smooth for the customers. The key to a perfect mobile application development that has the right balance of functionality and aesthetics.

Poor Navigation

A well-organized application will lead to better reviews and many downloads. Online marketplace apps have to be organized in a manner so as to facilitate an easy buying process for the customers. If the app UX is designed in a stratified manner it will mean that the customers will get what they want in a hassle-free manner.

Including the login page without any need

If there is no need for a login page then UX designers should ensure that they don’t include it. But for some apps where basic details are necessary the UX designers have to keep it simple and very basic. Even if there is no registration, in the beginning, the users should not be coaxed midway in the app to register. It can be extremely annoying for the customer if the process of registration is not simple. Close to 16% of the users get bogged down with the poor experience and abandon the app due to this.

UX is all about Teamwork

A good team does not imply only a large-sized team but also great coordination between the team for better results. The large team should have a robust communication system that will ensure that the mobile application reaches its success.

Not letting the customers take a proper look

If you are not letting the customer take a good look at the app it means that it is been made with a poor UX strategy. Customers like to zoom in on the product they want to take and the inability to present a good zoom feature might make them decide not to go for it.

Poor Content

The customer should be able to connect with the application through its content. If the application has to work, then the design and the content has to be engaging and compelling.

Complicated tutorials

If the tutorials are massively detailed, a user can turn away from the app clearly showing that the user interface is poorly designed. The User Interface should be such that, it should be self-explanatory and the tutorials also should be crisp so as to not put them off.

Creating a good UX and UI is a matter of mastery over skills. It has to be worked upon as important as the other processes in the software development lifecycle. Organizations should not forget that they should also ensure that the testing process is not neglected as it forms an important process to ensure design success.




Chapter247 Infotech is a full service software partner specialized in solutions for Web, IoT, Analytics, AI and Cloud Technologies.

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Chapter247 Infotech

Chapter247 Infotech is a full service software partner specialized in solutions for Web, IoT, Analytics, AI and Cloud Technologies.

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