How a bad UI/UX can prove fatal for your mobile application

  1. Poor design strategies of UX design is a huge reason because there has to be a reason and a thought process behind the mobile application. It is important that the designers undertake a complete user-centric design strategy after engaging in detailed research.
  2. Client feedback is also a very important step in ensuring that the client gets what they want When the client gives feedback, the designers are able to inculcate those changes in the mobile application development process. But, a balance has to be maintained between what the clients say and what has to be achieved. UX designers have to ensure that the common design principles are not sacrificed for the impractical suggestions so given.
  3. It is also very important to invest in a great UX app because it needs a lot of money aside from patience. The UX designers’ hold on the project has to be that of ownership where they can advise the client on not cutting back on costs.
  4. Getting design feedback from customers and users means that the mobile application development process has to undergo a lot of many changes. This is a process that has to be followed because if not, the UX can be sacrificed.

How does a poor UX design hamper your app?

The app does not consider user time

Immature app designers

Poor Navigation

Including the login page without any need

UX is all about Teamwork

Not letting the customers take a proper look

Poor Content

Complicated tutorials



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