Codeigniter vs Laravel: Which one to choose?

Developers today have to create complex applications. While it may seem an easy exercise to the ones who sit outside and cheer, the reality is that the complexities that arise with growing involvement in the project might take up lots of time and also become inconvenient for developers. The need for a structured way of developing custom software is the crux and to do that, PHP frameworks have passed numerous litmus tests’.

For developing custom solutions, using PHP based MVC frameworks has become a much-needed inclusion in the overall IT strategy. Among the deluge of frameworks, the Codegintier framework and the laravel framework have captured the mindshare of not just developers but also organizations that are looking at building their applications.

Google trends also have illustrated with a line graph showing comparisons over time.

Deciphering from the graphs and trends we can see that the Laravel framework is way ahead, but the Codeigniter framework is not far behind. With its features and transformational abilities, these frameworks have literally seized everybody’s interest.

Getting to know more about the Laravel framework

The first thing that comes into our minds when we say Laravel is beautiful coding. Yes! The framework is known for its clean and neat coding pattern and is a blessing to web artisans.

The Laravel Framework is an extensively used Open-source PHP framework that develops custom applications employing the MVC architecture. Laravel framework is free to use as it has been released under the MIT license. Most of the Laravel application development companies consider the Laravel framework as a transcendent solution because it is reliable, accurate and expressive.

Lets now draw our attention towards the top features of the Laravel framework that makes it the forerunner of the best frameworks.

-It has built-in lightweight templates with widgets that have CSS and JS codes.

-It functions on MVC architecture that separates business logic and different layers of presentation.

-It has a simple PHP active record implementation thanks to eloquent ORM.

-The web security feature is the most illustrious part of Laravel.

-For the automation of tedious programming tasks, Laravel offers an in-built command tool called Artisan.

-The database migration system of Laravel allows for expanding the database without the need to recreation even when there is a change in code.

-It is a wonderful framework to run unit tests and it ensures that no web applications are charred.

What exactly is the Codeigniter framework?

After unraveling the subtleties of the laravel framework, it is now important to understand the layerings of the Codeigniter framework.

The Codeigniter framework has been designed for developers who like to work with an uncomplicated toolkit for heavily featured web applications. Codeigniter empowers the users to make dynamic applications without being dependent on an MVC architecture. It also allows for third-party plugins that assist in the application of a laborious set of functions. The security and encryption feature of code igniter also is mention-worthy.

Features of Codeigniter you must know

1.) Free to use as is licensed under MIT license

2.) Follows the MVC pattern

3.) It is Lightweight and the core system of Codeigniter needs a very small library.

4.) It helps in Generating SEO friendly URLs

5.) It comes with full packet built-in libraries which will help in doing all the tasks like form manipulation, email sending, manipulating images, etc.

Now that a fair understanding of the frameworks has been established let us do a comparative analysis of both of them.

The article intends to give insightful observations on both the frameworks which will dominate in the coming years. With a chain of improvements that companies are making to their ecosystem, your selection should be dependent on the type of project, man hours you can give and the budget that has been given to develop. Once that has been answered, it will be an easy call to make.

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