All you need to know about custom software development

  1. Flexibility — The feature of scalability is perhaps the best reason why organizations should go for custom software development applications. When you gather information, you will be able to assess your future needs. Once future needs are assessed then these factors can be carefully embedded into applications instead of purchasing expensive licenses.
  2. Efficacy — For the changing needs of organizations, custom software is structured in a manner that supports the change.
  3. Independent — Custom software development helps in the reduction of the burden of sourcing licenses and merge with the common runners of the business. This can get expensive for the company which wants to get it developed.
  4. Profit-earning — Companies who have decided to go for custom software development can attain a license on their solutions and can later sell it as a full-fledge software product and earn royalties out of it.
  5. Low Integrations costs — If you go for commercial software, you might not be able to align with your overall applications. But if you do it, you have to incur additional expenses. Custom software can be built in a manner that it already integrates the applications and what it wants to achieve.
  1. To build or to buy one: As the name suggests, organizations first have to decide if they have to build custom software or go for the available packaged software. If your existing solutions cover at least 80% of your functionalities, then you don’t have to build, else you know what to do.
  2. Collaboration: According to IBM®, collaboration means “collaborating with business users on requirements, sharing knowledge among global development teams, and working hand-in-hand across development and operations teams to improve quality and responsiveness.”
  3. Specify your requirements: While stating your requirements, you have to factor in all the functionalities of the organizations so that budget, ROI, goals, and objectives, everything can be considered.
  4. Development methodology: Your development methodology is a very important step for you to carry on with your project. The decision made will solely be based on the complexity, time duration and also the importance of it. Before going into the types, we can see from the chart that agile methodology has captured Lion’s share followed by scrum and others.
  • DevOps: It is an agile-based methodology that integrates software development and other IT functions in the design and development process.
  • Agile: The best part about this methodology is that it breaks apart the requirements into bits and swiftly delivers along those lines.
  • Rapid Application development: It does not follow a precarious approach and compresses the design and code making into an intermingled functionality.
  • Scaled Agile Framework: This methodology helps in scaling down of the agile methodology to a bigger enterprise like the Global development team.
  • Prototype Methodology: This is also a specialized procedure that lets the developers make samples of the resolution in order to validate its functional elements for the customers in general.
  • Scrum methodology: SCRUM is the most widely preferred agile software development approach. This development methodology is suitable for those projects where constant alterations are required with complex development requirements.
  • Open source- This is a source code that is open to the public. Linux is an open-source operating system that helps in improving the overall productivity of the custom software application development.
  • Artificial Intelligence- AI has revolutionized business with the help of ML, NLP, Chatbots. It has enabled them to emulate human emotions and intelligence to improve the decision-making process and to engage customers in the best possible manner.
  • Cloud computing- The benefits of cloud-based development are that it helps in supporting coding, integrating and testing to build applications keeping in mind its cost and development time. It gives the convenience of not restraining yourself to a location and produces work on the cloud to enable faster implementation.
  • Blockchain- Developers are increasingly switching over to blockchain ledgers to build secure applications so that no hindrances can put roadblocks on your business processes whatsoever.
  • Data Analytics: With the onslaught of data, it is extremely important that you incorporate data analytical tools for predictive analysis and customer engagement strategies.



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