2021 Top Software Development Trends and Benefits

Top Software Development Trends of 2021

AI-First Software

  • Assistance in Decision Making
  • Enhance Customer service level
  • Controls quality


  • Transparency in Transactions
  • Data Storage Safety
  • Smart Contracts

Low Code Development

  • Quick and fast Development
  • Validating Business Risk
  • Lacking UX Resources

Progressive Web Applications

  • Smother Work experience
  • Reduction in development time and cost

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Faster Page load Time
  • Enhances availability in Google Search Engine Page Results (SEPR) on Mobile.

Voices Search Optimization and Push Notifications

  • Generates more time- Speaking is faster than typing
  • Makes Accessible to everyone
  • Search without using Hands

2021 will be a growth year for Web Development



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