10 Famous Mobile Applications Developed with React Native

  1. Code it once and use it everywhere- one of the top reasons to prefer React Native is because its codes can be used in cross platforms.
  2. Simple and easy to learn programming language- It uses JavaScript which is one of the most popular programming languages making it simple and easy to learn.
  3. Focus on UI design- It is focussed on UI design making it responsive. Its rendering abilities also are by far the best.
  4. Strongest community in terms of cross-platform app development- As we have seen, the community is increasing and with Facebook’s interventions it is bound to touch greater lengths.
  5. Shorter development time- The React Native development time is considerably shorter
  6. Immense support for third party libraries- This is surely a great supporting feature giving the developers a choice.
  7. Node Package manager for installation- This makes the installation easier as developers believe that installation can give them a hard time.
  8. GPU-oriented applications- Most native applications are CPU oriented but React Native is GPU oriented leading to better performances.
  9. Live reload- This feature provides a two-way feature or two screens, one to modify the code and the other to see the modification.



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